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Who we are – The Company

Roland Lloyd's Agencies Limited, we are a multi-disciplined, independent company providing marine/air cargo superintending, cargo surveying, and calibration surveying of tankers, loss recoveries/claims investigations, consultancy and expert witness services. Our business came into been in 1986, and incorporated in 2013. Roland Lloyd's Agencies Ltd is unique on the ground that she protects the interest of her principal, issue reports without prejudices as well as carry out our services as fast as a Cheetah.

What We Offer

Trip in Tow Survey/ Marine Warranty Survey

The scope of work is always defined by the principal engaging our services but it is recommended that the following be conducted: Physical presence onboard vessel, Pre loading and lashing plans are discussed and created with the cargo owner, stevedores, and tower.
Surveyor on site will ensure that the cargo is loaded as per the loading plan and secured as per the lashing plan provided. Supervision and approval of lashing process to ensure al lashable entities are properly secured onboard barge or towing vessel We ascertain all lifting gears, shackles are in compliance with the right colour codes and Safe Working Load (SWL).
Ascertain all vents and openings are water tight & weather light. The surveyor may inspect the barge to confirm it is in a suitable condition for the cargo and the voyage. The Surveyor will inspect the crew of the tug, the tug, and the towing gear to ensure that the navigational officers have the appropriate licenses, the vessel is in suitable condition and has the necessary current documents required for its employment, and the towing gear is suitable for the loaded displacement of the barge and the intended route.
The surveyor will research the weather for the intended route and discuss it with the navigational officers of the towing vessel along with any other restrictions that may be applicable.
General review of documents will also be done.

Marine Hull & Machinery Survey

The integrity of any "seagoing" vessel has to be examined – surveyed to determine its seaworthiness. As a marine surveyor, we would provide you with an unbiased, professional opinion as to the condition, valuation and suitability of a vessel to perform a particular role.
In carrying out this service, we will offer our candid opinion on the valuation of the vessel to allow you as a company to determine if the risk is sufficiently insured in the event of a loss, or if damage is sustained to the hull, machinery or other items.

Construction All Risk/Survey on Plants & Machinery

Rig Survey

Oil & Gas Inspection

For you our client, we conduct general marine inspection whereas attending loading and discharging of various petroleum / petrochemical in bulk in refinery and terminal, analyze and reconcile inspection report pertaining to custody quantity discrepancies, conduct on-hire and off-hire survey and quantity determination of bunker on board on arrival and prior to departure.
To ensure that your get an hitch free service, we liaise with the terminal, owner, and charterer accordingly during loading/discharging and completion of loading and discharging cargoes, ensuring quantity and quality determination procedures are followed in accordance with recognized international standards.

Cargo Superintending/Survey

We provide our principals with relevant information on a situation and represent our principal's interest. We act with integrity at all times and exercise our best skills.
We act as an independent expert, or as a representative of the party appointing us; advise all present that the survey is without prejudice; seek, find and report as many facts as may appear relevant to fulfilling their principal's instructions, etc.

Data Measurement Services

Roland Lloyd's Agencies Ltd is certified for Data Measurement Services – cargo survey, ullage and fiscalization – by the Department of Petroleum Resources.

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Training & Certification

Roland Lloyd's Agencies Ltd is a member of World Safety Organization. We train groups and personnel of organizations across different industries – insurance, banking, maritime, etc – in Occupational Safety and Health with the intent of transferring up-to-date global best practices in Health, Safety and Environment.
This training is provided by our certified safety instructors and professionals with international recognition and awards including several years of experience both facilitating, consulting and practice in health, safety, security & environment.


For assistance in advisory or research capacity, our consulting practice will come in handy for you. Our consultancy service comes handy where your in-house personnel do not have adequate knowledge or experience or you need assistance at times of heavy work load.